How could you not fall in love with the warmth of the sun?

There will be hundred of times in our lives when we think that life is too hard and too difficult, for us to go through it. Sometimes it seems like nobody is there for us.

What makes us sad? Why are we disappointed very easily? Do we lose all the hopes?

Calm down yourself, take a deep breath, and have remembrance to Allah.

Don’t you trust that all Allah ever sends us is indeed what’s best? Don’t you believe in Allah’s will? Don’t you know that Allah created us and never left us?

Allah has saved us over and over again. Allah has saved us from the misery of our own selves. So, how can we doubt Allah’s power?

Nothing’s better than Allah’s plan(s). There’s always plenty of lessons which can be learned from every moment that passes, every tear drop that falls, and every heart that is broken. So long as we have Allah, it is indeed sufficient for us.

For those who strive and struggle upon Allah’s way, make a peace with ourselves! Forgiving those who hurt us, letting go of what make us sad, and accepting things as they happen.

Be happy! Do not lose Allah whatever happens, for without Allah we are nothing. 💝

—Dini Fitriani Tjarma
Bontang, before bed time. Barakallahu fiikum, all my brothers & sisters.


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